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Produced and Performed by Chance The Rapper, Peter Cottontale, Nate Fox, Donnie Trumpet & Stix for Social Experiment

Additional Vocals from: Wyclef Jean, Francis & The Lights, Jesse Ware, Elle Varner, Eryn Allen Kane, The O’my’s, Peter Cottontale & Donnie Trumpet

Additional Keys by: Francis Farewell Starlite
Additional Drums by : J Gramm
Vocal Arrangement by: Chance The Rapper & Peter Cottontale for Social Experiment

Mix by: Jeff Lane at CRC Studios

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Thanks for everything, Landon

Today, we say goodbye to the most significant and beloved player in the history of American soccer.

For nearly a decade and a half, Landon Donovan has been the pulse of the game stateside — and while he holds the goals and assists records for the U.S. Men’s National Team, his impact extends far beyond what any scoresheet could possibly hint.

From his earliest days as a teenager going up against legends twice his age, to his iconic goal against Algeria, to his unprecedented sabbatical at the peak of his career, Landon inspired millions with his actions between the lines and outside them.

It is a rare thing to see a player at once so confident yet humble, so talented yet grateful, and so selfless yet introspective.

Landon was all of those things, in addition to a damn good soccer player — and we wish him nothing but the best, today and beyond.


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